New Book by Angelika Sher and eBook in the Apple App Store

Edited by Esa Epstein and soon to be out from Kehrer Publishing, Angelika Sher: Series 2005 – 2012 surveys Sher’s work during this time period, structured around four series: Upstairs, Growing Down, 13, and Twilight Sleep. An expanded version of the book is also available as an eBook which can be viewed via the Angelika Sher app in the Apple AppStore. The eBook uses hipix imaging which allows for high resolution photos to be viewed in a relatively small app, and also features works from Phoenix and Family Album.

Accompanied by an essay by Elisabeth Biondi, the book and eBook shows the progression of Sher’s work and continued exploration of the themes of life, family, death, displacement, and temporality.

Angelika Sher: Series, 2005 – 2012
Kehrer Publishing

Angelika Sher eBook App in the Apple AppStore