Atul Bhalla and Vivan Sundaram in Europalia India Art Walk: Water

Atul Bhalla <i>Piaus-II,</i> 2008

Atul Bhalla Piaus-II, 2008

The art walk in Liège brings together photography, video and installations made in this decade, supplemented by new works. The artists draw inspiration from India’s mythology and rich symbolism to create very poetic works. These often refer to the
populations living alongside rivers and the way they deal with water scarcity and pollution.

Curated by Gayatri Sinha, the exhibition will feature works by Atul Bhalla and Vivan Sundaram amongst others. The artists explore the theme in the European context of a city on a river. The walk takes place in and around the Grand Curtius, the starting point, on the banks of the Meuse River.

12 October 2013 – 05 January 2014
Art Walk: Water
Europalia India