GAMA CAVES by Osamu James Nakagawa Book Launch and Signing at SPE

“From the banta cliffs of Okinawa, mabui— the spirits of the land, of the deceased— led me into the gama caves below. These caves are the sacred home of Okinawa’s spirits— its ancestors, its history, its memory. I enter hesitantly— through the eeriness of the cave’s dark, heavy air, through the remnants of war scattered on the ground.“ – Osamu James Nakagawa

In continuation of his focus on the landscape of Okinawa and its place in history, Nakagawa moves from the Banta (cliffs) to the Gama (caves). Newly published by AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc., GAMA CAVES is a 9 × 14 inch (approx.) hardcover book featuring 33 wonderfully printed images of Nakagawa’s works from this series as well as text by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Mariko Takeuchi, Isao Nakazato, and Ben Takara.

In conjunction with Photo Gallery International, Osamu James Nakagawa will be signing books 7 March 2014 from 2-3 pm at the 2014 SPE National Conference in Baltimore.

GAMA CAVES is available at the gallery, please contact us.

Osamu James Nakagawa: GAMA CAVES
AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc., Tokyo

7 March 2014, 2-3 pm
SPE Book Signing
2014 SPE Conference
Baltimore, Maryland