Raghubir Singh at the Freer | Sackler

Raghubir Singh, <i>Pedestrians, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh,</i> 1992 © Succession Raghubir Singh

Raghubir Singh, Pedestrians, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, 1992 © Succession Raghubir Singh

Featuring more than 100 works created over the past five centuries, The Traveler’s Eye: Scenes of Asia provides glimpses of travels across the Asian continent, from trade voyages to tourist trips. Juxtaposing East Asian scrolls, Japanese woodblock prints, and contemporary photography with maps, archaeological drawings, and souvenirs, The Traveler’s Eye invites viewers to look more closely at these seemingly straightforward images.

The exhibition moves through a provocative series of themes, ranging from Edo-period views of Japan’s famed Tōkaidō Road to Raghubir Singh’s photographic essay on the ubiquitous Ambassador car in India. All of the works shed light on particular cultural histories of travel throughout Asia.

For additional images by Raghubir Singh, please visit his Artist Page.

The Traveler’s Eye: Scenes of Asia
22 November 2014 – 31 May 2015
Freer | Sackler
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
1050 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC