Beyond Spheres by Koichiro Kurita

Koichiro Kurita, <i>Chesapeake, VA, CHI-SUI-KI</i>, 1991

Koichiro Kurita, Chesapeake, VA, CHI-SUI-KI, 1991

In his latest series, entitled Beyond Spheres, Kurita will follow his greatest influence, Henry David Thoreau, his inspiration and guide. He will set out to visit Thoreau’s physical spaces in North America to capture the truest reverence for the natural world that Thoreau wrote so eloquently about. This monumental project, expedition, and subsequent body of work will involve countless partners to complete. Over a three-year period Kurita will travel across 14 states in the North East teaming up with photography programs, scholars and practitioners alike who share his commitment to the practice as well as philosophy shared by Kurita.

Beyond Spheres