PARIS – DELHI – BOMBAY. . . Sun City by Sunil Gupta at the Centre Pompidou, Paris

Sunil Gupta, <i>Sun City, Paris, 2010</i> Archival Pigment Print

Sunil Gupta, Sun City, Paris, 2010 Archival Pigment Print

Sunil Gupta’s commissioned project, Sun City premieres at the Centre Pompidou exhibition. Sun City is a fictional narrative loosely based on the 1962 film, “La Jetée” by Chris Marker. We can view it as several “stills” from a film that are “missing.” The original elliptical form has been retained so the ‘hero’ sees his own death in the ‘beginning’ and we return to that scene as reality in the ‘end.’

Centre Pompidou (French)
English Translation