Sunil Gupta in Keywords

Sunil Gupta, <i>Heaven</i> from the tape-slide project London Gay Switchboard, 1980

Sunil Gupta, Heaven from the tape-slide project London Gay Switchboard, 1980

Keywords is an exhibition based on a book of the same name by Raymond Williams. First published in 1976, Keywords— a vocabulary of the recurring terms used to discuss culture and society— has become a seminal work in the study of the English language. Williams said that he often wished some other sort of presentation could be devised, a format, which would reflect how words are embedded in particular situations and produce networked relationships. The exhibition Keywords attempts such a format.

In addition to Sunil Gupta’s tape-slide project London Gay Switchboard from 1980, the exhibition presents over sixty artworks mostly from artists making art in Britain during a period defined by moments of oppositional politics, the 1970’s and the 1980’s.

First presented at Iniva, the expanded exhibit moves to the Tate Liverpool.

28 February – 11 May 2014
Keywords: Art, Culture and Society in 1980s Britain
Tate Liverpool

27 March – 18 May 2013
Iniva at Rivington Place